Meet the Board of Directors

Section 23 POA has several Committees that serve the Association in various ways. Included are the Architectural Review Committee, the Common Areas Committee, and the Deed Restrictions Committee.

Nancy Peraine, President

Section 23 POA

Betty Ann Miles, Vice President

Section 23 POA 

Donald Peters, Treasurer

Section 23 POA

JoAnne Linsenbach, Secretary

Section 23 POA


Stephen Rabinowitz, Director

Section 23 POA 

John Bones, Director

Section 23 POA 

Gary Willems, Director

Section 23 POA 

About Deep Creek

Deep Creek is close to the Harbor Heights boat Launch on the Peace River. Popular local boating destinations include the backwaters of the Peace River, Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande Pass and the Gulf of Mexico, Cayo Costa, Punta Gorda's Fisherman's village, the Intracoastal Waterway, Captiva, Sanibel Island, Englewood Beach, Venice Beach and Cabbage Key.

Deep Creek Section 23 Property Owners Association is maintained under Florida Statute 720 and is managed by an elected Board of Directors from the membership of the Association. Deep Creek Section 23 has its own office located at 26217 Rampart Blvd.

National Recognition

"Punta Gorda possesses qualities important to today's retirees. Those who have always wanted a boat docked in their backyard will find Punta Gorda is a dream come true."

- Managing Editor Annette Fuller, Retire Magazine

"Many consider Punta Gorda, Florida, one of the best retirement communities in the country. Many of the parks here house the same residents year round, or on a seasonal basis, and are reserved for an adult population, meaning visitors must be 55 years old or older." 

- Mary Foster, USA Today

"Punta Gorda in its list of 'Top 10 Greatest Places to Sail.' Forbes magazine places Punta Gorda on its list for 'Top 10 Small Metropolitian Areas' while MSN rated Punta Gorda as one of its overal 'Best Places to Live.' Clearly, the secret's out, and the world has discovered this gem in Southwest Florida."

- John Picket, Money Magazine